• Munich Exhibition

    Munich Exhibition

    HOPETIMISM –New Theme for Munich Fabric Start Munich Fabric Start announced their new theme for the Autumn. Winter 21/22 season in recent days. “HOPETIMISM stands for hope and optimism – it is a mindset we should embrace that reveals new ways and perspectives to design future-oriented models for...
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  • Special Fiber

    Special Fiber

        Antibacterial Green Mint Denim   By using the innovative technique, denim can be more practical and able to fit different type of living style. XDD has developed a new functional fabric with green mint fiber recently, Art No. S163M1F2D. When the fabri...
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  • XDD Tech-Magic Home Spun

    XDD Tech-Magic Home Spun

    XDD Tech-Home Spun Vintage inspired fashion has traced back to 1990s even 1980s, could it be much further back? Funs tried to keep forward, while public stopped. Why? Because whatever was the trend, wearing comfortably and freely was their base requirement, the older rigid stiff rough denim coul...
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